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By Ted Ricasa

Disasters - An Overview

The worst nightmare of any homeowner is to lose his or her home due to a catastrophic event. Nevertheless, most homeowners are unprepared for the worst and don't know where to turn for help after a disaster.


Fire Damage

In an instant, fire can damage a home and turn the lives of its inhabitants upside-down.  If your home has been damaged by fire, there are steps you need to take in order to return to normalcy.


Flood Damage

A flood can cause devastating damage to a home, resulting in the loss of personal property and costly clean-up and repairs for the homeowner. Tragically, thousands are displaced by floods each year.



Homeowners who purchase hillside properties generally do so for the scenic views and beautiful landscapes.  Unfortunately, many of these homes are at constant risk of being damaged in landslides.

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Home damaged by landslide

Ceiling affected by mold


Whether insidious and hidden or the result of flood or water damage, mold can turn a home into a health hazard. When mold starts to form, it is important to take quick action to prevent its spread.

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Code Violations

Over time, citations and fines for violations against county, city, and neighborhood codes and ordinances can mount.  However, homeowners that are overwhelmed by code violations have rights and options.

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Common Insurance Issues

Do you have to use your insurance settlement to pay for repairs to your home after a disaster? Is it legal or ethical to make the repairs yourself and keep the money? No, yes, and yes. Find out why.


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