Cash Offer Worksheet

By Ted Ricasa

Many people believe that by selling their homes to a cash buyer, they will have to accept an offer worth far less than the full market value. In truth, this is not necessarily the case. When you work with Fast Home Help, you can expect to be treated with fairness by a cash buyer who is not looking to low-ball you during your time of need. In fact, our cash offer may ultimately be equal to or better than a full retail offer once you calculate the expenses you will avoid by selling your home to us.

We suggest that you print out this page and use it as a worksheet to determine how much money you are likely to receive once you subtract the whichever costs are applicable. Assuming that your estimates are reasonably accurate, your final figure should be approximately what you can expect from a cash offer from Fast Home Help. You are encouraged to use this worksheet in conjunction with our quiz: Should You Consider Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer?

Start by entering the likely selling price of your home, based on its market value and the prices for which comparable homes in your area actually sold: __________

From this number, subtract the following costs and expenses, some of which will depend on how long on average homes in your area remain on the market:

Final figure: __________

The final figure represents a rough approximation of what you can hope to net from the sale of your home. Keep in mind that the worksheet does not factor in the time you must invest in preparing your home for sale, some of which may take you away from your job and other responsibilities.

Even after completing this exercise, you may decide that it is in your best interests to sell your home through conventional channels. If, however, you are dissatisfied with the final figure you have entered above, especially in light of all of the work and effort it will take to achieve that figure, you should be aware that a cash offer from Fast Home Help could possibly match or even surpass that amount.

In the end, it won't hurt you to find out what we can do for you. By contacting Fast Home Help, you are not obligating yourself to work with us or to accept our offer. However, by knowing your options and establishing reasonable expectations of what you can achieve through various methods of selling your home, you are putting yourself in the position to make the best possible choice as a homeowner.

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