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What is Mortgage Insurance?

by Ted Ricasa on Apr 27, 2014

mortgage insuranceBuying a home can be an exciting adventure. For most people, buying a home will also be one the largest investments they will make. People have a lot of questions during the process of purchasing a home and can be confused about all of the different fees bundled up into their payments. A lot of people have questions about one fee specifically:mortgage insurance. What is mortgage insurance? Do you have to pay for mortgage insurance when buying a new home? Fast Home Help explains.

Should an Executor Obtain Legal Counsel?

by Ted Ricasa on Apr 20, 2014

The decision to name you as executor of an estate suggests faith in your ability to manage affairs honestly and capably. The task at hand should not be taken lightly, and you will be held responsible for executing the requirements outlined in the last will and testament, as well as distributing assets of the estate. In the absence of a will, you will also oversee the identification, valuation, and distribution of assets among rightful beneficiaries. For someone who lacks detailed knowledge of accounting, real estate, and estate law, hiring an attorney is the smart move.

Six Common Types of Fire Damage to Homes

by Ted Ricasa on Apr 13, 2014

types of fire damageThe odds of a fire destroying your home may be low, but they aren’t impossible. Whether the result of wiring issues or a forest fire, your home and belongings could sustain serious damage. If you encounter a fire, the first thing you should do after the fire department extinguishes the blaze is contact your insurance agent. From there, you can receive tips on protecting the remains of your home from further damage or exposure to the elements. The damage your property sustains will depend on the type of fire damage, which is divided into six classes.

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