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Can I Avoid Probate?

by Ted Ricasa on Feb 24, 2014

In a perfect world, you would be guaranteed respite and time to heal following the death of a loved one. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world dictated by rules, regulations, and unforeseeable complications. This period becomes even more stressful in the absence of a last will and testament, in which case the decedent’s estate goes into probate. What is probate, and can you avoid it?


Five Ways to Prevent the Spread of Mold

by Ted Ricasa on Feb 14, 2014

It’s difficult to say why so many people choose to treat mold problems as a minor inconvenience instead of as a destructive, potentially deadly growth. When asked about mold, they may think only of the white, splotchy growth that appears on old cheese. Others justify their apathy by pointing out that molds are everywhere outdoors, where they don’t seem to cause problems. True, most outdoor molds do not pose serious risks to your health. The mold that grows in your home, on the other hand, can lead to serious allergic reactions and can cause irritation in your eyes, lungs, and throats. If a member of your household has a respiratory condition such as asthma, mold can cause the problem to worsen. Given the very real threats that come with these growths, removal and preventive measures warrant your immediate action.


What to Expect When You Inherit a Home

by Ted Ricasa on Feb 7, 2014

Inheriting property after the death of a loved one can be something of a mixed blessing. On one hand, you require time to pay your respects and begin the healing process. Then again, you know that you  have important decisions to make—decisions that affect your finances and your entire family. Misconceptions about inheritance only complicate matters. Many people think of an inheritance as “free money,” a windfall with no strings attached. Others wonder how multiple heirs will affect their share. The more you understand of the process, the less overwhelmed you will feel when faced with your options. 


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