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Nine Things Homeowners Should Know About Bankruptcy

by Ted Ricasa on Jan 27, 2014

When people fall behind on their mortgages, often following a job loss or life-changing event, many turn to bankruptcy. For some, bankruptcy offers an escape from crushing debt or an opportunity to restructure and pay down debt. Before you file bankruptcy, there a number of things you need to understand.Knowledge is key during the decision making process, otherwise filing for bankruptcy could cause a number of unforeseen headaches.

How is Disaster Insurance Different from Property Insurance?

by Ted Ricasa on Jan 17, 2014

Disaster Vs Property InsuranceAs a homeowner, you carry property insurance to protect your assets and your most valuable investment: your home. Most homeowners assume they don’t need to also carry disaster insurance. After all, any damage to your home is covered by your property insurance, right? There are major differences between property and disaster insurance, and knowing the difference is vital for safeguarding your home.

Five Things Divorcing Women Need to Know About Real Estate

by Ted Ricasa on Jan 10, 2014

Divorce real estatedivorce is a painful experience, often draining in both the emotional and financial sense. An issue that can lead to major contention and confusion is the house. When deciding the fate of the family home, there are several facts that women need to know. In this article we discuss five things all divorcing women need to known regarding real estate.

What Seniors Need to Know About Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures

by Ted Ricasa on Jan 2, 2014

For many senior citizens, reverse mortgages provide a valuable source of income. A revere mortgage involves using the equity in your home to obtain a line of credit or a lump sum for bills or other expenses. Unfortunately, in recent years many reverse mortgages have lead to foreclosure, leaving many vulnerable seniors in danger of losing their homes.

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