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What is HARP?

by Ted Ricasa on Dec 24, 2013

What is HARP?A house is one the largest investments the average American family will ever make. Unfortunately, for many families, the housing market crash left them underwater, paying on homes worth significantly less than they owed. To help struggling homeowners and alleviate the damage from the housing market crash, the government started HARP, or the Home Affordable Refinance Program. 


Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent After a Disaster

by Ted Ricasa on Dec 17, 2013

Insurance DisasterFor homeowners who lose their homes following a fire, flood, or other disaster, the first question that comes to mind is often: “What now?” After ensuring the safety of your family, you will need to contact your insurance agent. There are steps you need to take to protect your assets.

Five Things You Need to Know about Inheriting Real Estate

by Ted Ricasa on Dec 10, 2013

An inherited homeDealing with the loss of a loved one is a heartbreaking ordeal. If you find yourself inheriting real estate from a family member, you may have a lot of questions about what to do next. After all, a number a difficulties and financial issues can arise following the inheritance of real estate property. 

Tips for Reaching a Settlement on the Division of Property in a Divorce

by Ted Ricasa on Dec 4, 2013

divorce papersFor many families, divorce is an unfortunate reality. In fact, in the United States alone, there are over 1.2 million divorces each year. Since few couples plan for a divorce, there are a lot of questions when a marriage ends, one of the most difficult being: "What happens to the house?" Buying a home is one of the largest investments a couple is likely to make. After a marriage ends, how do you go about selling your house? 

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