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by Ted Ricasa on Feb 7, 2013

family standing in front of homeThe professionals of Fast Home Help have a singular goal at heart: to help you, as a homeowner, make the best possible decision regarding your home considering whatever situation you are currently facing.  In order to accomplish this goal, we will provide you with the most honest, straightforward answers – in clear, comprehensible terms – that we possibly can.

Our website is designed to serve as an educational resource for homeowners, one of many such resources provided by Fast Home Help.  The following answers to questions frequently asked of our team will give you further insight into our organization and how we operate.  The content of this article and our website is intended to supplement our two most important information resources for homeowners: the free, no-obligation property privacy audit and the personal counsel offered by our real estate and financial professionals.

Please take the time to read the following article and then contact Fast Home Help today for answers to your specific questions.



Will I have to pay Fast Home Help to give me a cash quote for my home?

No, you will not.  In fact, all of our services are offered free of charge.  If we choose to inspect your home and make you a cash offer, you will pay nothing to us for our time or services.  There are no hidden fees in the form of deductions from the offers we extend to homeowners, either.  One of the purposes of Fast Home Help is to help you avoid the fees associated with traditional home sales.



I keep coming across the phrase “ugly houses.”  Is Fast Home Help a buyer of “ugly houses”?

When cash buyers claim to buy “ugly houses,” they are referring to homes that are either cosmetically unappealing or in disrepair.  At Fast Home Help, we are able to buy homes in virtually any condition; however, we also understand that even the most lived-in homes are usually not “ugly” to their owners.  When we say that we buy houses as-is, we mean precisely that.  You won’t have to worry about making repairs or cleaning the property for prospective buyers.  We’ll take care of that, without ever stating or implying that your home is “ugly.”



How close to market value will you pay me for my home?

This is a fair question, and it is one to which we cannot provide a fair answer without first seeing and gathering information about your home.  Our goal is to make a fair, “win-win” offer.  While this offer will almost certainly be below market value, it will also not include real estate commissions, closing costs, repair costs, and other expenses related to traditional home sales.  It will also be fast; you will have money in your account within ten days as opposed to waiting months or even years for a deal to close.  Even then, there is no guarantee that you will get market value for your home.

If you are interested in a fast, headache-free transaction that either reduces or eliminates the problems you are currently facing, we urge you to request a cash quote from Fast Home Help today.



What if I decide not to accept your cash offer?

At no point will we ever pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do.  If you choose not to accept our cash offer, we will part ways with no hard feelings and no further attempts to purchase your home.  You can take the information and education we provided you and use it however you wish.  Our real estate professionals have highly successful careers outside of Fast Home Help, so they have no reason or desire to coerce homeowners into selling their homes.  Our foremost priority is to help homeowners make informed, knowledgeable decisions in tough times.



Do you purchase only single-family homes?

If you have real estate of any type that you would like to sell for cash, give us a call or contact us by email.  We will gladly consider real estate of any type, including condominiums, apartments, duplexes, and townhomes.  If we cannot make you a cash offer, we will tell you so – but there is no risk, cost, or obligation to you if you request a cash quote for your property.



I’m really underwater right now.  Can you buy my home if it’s worth less than I owe?

Absolutely!  Our team is able to work with lenders toward agreeable short sales.  Don’t let the fact that you are underwater deter you from seeking our help – in fact, now is the perfect time to contact us.



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