Words of Praise: Homeowner Testimonials

By Ted Ricasa

Mitch L.

Mitch L."My father moved out of state and asked me to coordinate the sale of our family home. I spoke with numerous buyers and quickly became frustrated with folks who'd make promises only to be disappointed when they wouldn't follow through or perform…many didn't even return phone calls. I called Ron and to my amazement he had an all cash, quick close offer on my desk in 24 hours. He bought our property as is, so we didn't have to paint, repair, clean, or anything. It was a done deal and he gave me great peace of mind with the way he handled all the details. Ron was a professional and it was a pleasure working with him. I've already referred him to a friend of mine and won't hesitate to refer him to other friends should a need to sell arise for them. I'm convinced every seller should give Ron Meyer a call. I enjoyed working with him and the excellent customer service I received!"

Pearl D.

Pearl D.“I loved selling my property to Ron. It was great because I didn't have to endure the intrusion of people marching through my house day in and day out. Ron made the process easy, smooth and laid everything out for me so it was nice and clear. He coordinated all the paperwork with escrow and there weren't any unknowns or surprises that I had to deal with. The goals never changed because the arrangements were laid out effectively from the beginning. I would without a doubt recommend Ron to my friends and neighbors.”

Michael M.

Michael M."Ron did an excellent job buying my property. I had no desire to endure the pain of hiring a realtor or to show my home to strangers. I also didn’t want to waste time or throw away several months of mortgage payments waiting for an offer to come along. Ron is a solid buyer who allowed me to shortcut months of waiting and/or having flaky buyers back out at the last minute. In a declining real estate market, that’s important. The transaction went smoothly and we closed in 2 weeks, allowing me to cash out and move on with my life sooner than any other way of selling. I highly recommend Ron to my friends, my neighbors and to you! Thanks Ron!"

Valerie C.

Valerie C.“Ron did an outstanding job buying our townhouse. We decided to go with Ron because we didn't want to wait the several months that are normally required when you sell your property yourself or through a Realtor. It was a quick transaction handled by an independent third party escrow and we received our money in hand quickly. We saw Ron on a Sunday and about a week and a half later (after we moved out our belongings) we picked up our funds on a Friday! It was fast and now we can move on with our life and buy another property. I was so happy with the speed and convenience I referred him to a co-worker who had a property they wanted to sell too. Great job Ron and thanks!”

Phil and Guadalupe H.

Phil and Guadalupe H.“Ron kept to all of his commitments 100%. He was easy to work with and supportive. Ron did an excellent job with our transaction and we would give him an A++. Great job Ron!”

Luis C.

Luis C.“Selling real estate is not quick or easy. Fixing your property, hiring an agent, listing it, finding a buyer, and then getting a deal closed can take months and cost thousands of dollars in extra mortgage payments, not to mention all the fix up costs and hassle. Ron Meyer bought my property and solved all my problems of selling in one day. There weren't any surprises or games and I received exactly what I was promised, to the penny. Ron completely eliminated the worry about if or when my property would be sold. I received the cash I needed in 5 days and set the move out date to one that worked with mine and my family's schedule. It was a pleasant, professional transaction from beginning to end. Ron was prompt, courteous, fast, fair, efficient and he kept all of his promises. Ron offers great customer service as well. He was available on the phone whenever I needed to speak with him and he patiently worked with me to meet my specific needs. If you're thinking of selling, do yourself a favor and call Ron. I sold my property to Ron and I'm glad I did.”

Rory S.

Rory S.“Ron Meyer made the sale of my property smooth and painless. I chose to sell to Ron because he structured a deal that met my needs and allowed me to sell without spending a lot of time or hassle. Ron provided most of my money in certified funds in only 5 days and allowed me to set the move out day on a date of my choice. He paid off the underlying loans on the property promptly and I really appreciated the fact that Ron did everything he told me he would and kept all of his promises to me. Ron handled all of the paperwork and legwork and just plain got things done. Selling couldn't have been any easier. He was also flexible with me when I needed a few more days to move out my possessions. I had a whole house full of furniture and a family to move so that was important. I appreciated his honesty and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ron to my friends and neighbors.”

William F.

William F.“Would I recommend Ron Meyer? Yeah I would! I chose to sell to Ron because he offered a sure, solid sale in a short amount of time. The last thing I wanted was to spend months finding a buyer and then another month in escrow. And I also didn't want to worry about buyers going into escrow and falling out. With Ron, I didn't waste any time and I received half of my proceeds in only five days and the balance when I handed him the keys! And I never once worried about Ron backing out of the deal or an escrow blowing up with a problem. The sale was virtually worry free. I loved the fact that Ron bought my condo "As is", and allowed me to move on without having to spend the time, energy and 20 to 30 thousand dollars fixing up my property. Ron handled everything and I neatly sidestepped the hassle of retrofit issues, repairs, cleanup, and termite work. He put together a speedy transaction that met my needs and allowed me to sell my property now instead of waiting until who knows when. He's easy to get along with and provides a great service!”

Eric H.

Eric H.“One reason I decided to sell my property to Ron Meyer is I didn't want to waste months selling my property through a Realtor. I also didn't want to keep my house open to countless strangers disturbing my family and weekends. I wanted to sell quickly, and deal with one honest party. That's why I chose Ron. Ron kept all of his promises and didn't disappoint me. Through Ron, I was able to sell my property quickly without any stress, and I was able to move on. Ron was mobile and always came to me, so I didn't have to spend any time or energy getting my property sold. Ron offers a great service. I highly recommend him."

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